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Moving to a small village in the Bavarian countryside after running successful galleries in Regensburg, Munich and Berlin might not be a step for everyone but it was definitely the right one for Galerie Zink Waldkirchen. As Michael Zink personally was still based in the south of Germany, he decided to bring his life and work together, and moved the gallery to the village of Waldkirchen with 27 inhabitants, amongst beautiful landscape between Munich and Nuremberg.

Waldkirchen has been a place of pilgrimage since 8th century AD. The church and the parish house built in the 1880s were the heart of the village. Perched atop a hill with sweeping views, this was the perfect location for Galerie Zink Waldkirchen.
In Fall 2017, we began remodelling a neighbouring building to create the new gallery space, art storage, and an artist studio. Designed by Swiss architects from Atelier Dimanche – Mathieu Robitaille & Tamara Henry, the space opened officially on 6 April 2019.

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From the beginning in 1994, the gallery’s program has had a clear focus on contemporary international art. As a gallery, our role is to help our artists develop their work and careers by successfully placing their works in institutional and private collections, and by giving them exposure at important international exhibitions. We believe in maintaining an open and honest dialogue with our artists, collectors, and institutions about artistic content and formal qualities. This is an essential aspect of our work. We cooperate with a network of contemporary galleries in Europe and believe more in collaboration than competition – an approach that we enjoy and that has contributed to our success.

Along with the gallery’s relocation came a renewed focus on the core of the gallery’s activities. Our primary interest has always been to find artists that have a strong artistic vision and the potential to build up a coherent oeuvre in the context of developments in contemporary art. We see the same strong artistic vision in artists with a background in crafts, and decided to represent the best of these artists that working in between craft and art to enhance the appreciation on both sides.

Zink Waldkirchen is located in beautiful Oberpfalz, a raw and charming part of Bavaria. To be immersed in the beautiful and ever-changing nature is an unforgettable experience. To share this inspiring spot, we set up an artist studio on the upper floor of the new building. High up with splendid views, we aim to create a creative environment for artists to stay and work for a while.

Not just for artists, we wanted to create an open place for all friends and guests. So we also designed two fully equipped and furnished apartments with a rotating roster of art on the wall. You can have a look here and book directly at petersbergapartments.de.

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