Diamonds & Dust at Artcurial Munich

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

The exhibition „Diamonds & Dust“ is a satellite exhibition by us in Munich, supported by Artcurial Germany. The show features works by eight artists, each challenging the notions of what is traditionally valued. Diamonds are the most iconic symbol for the glamorous, the sophisticated, the valuable, whereas dust is a symbol of transience, tradition, and perhaps even neglect. The exhibition is about contemporary art celebrating and dealing with these terms but also questioning them at the same time. What is ‚fine art‘? What is valuable? Is it a renewal or a bastardisation?

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8 Artists, 1 Commonality

Featured artists include: Karl Fritsch, Matias Sanchez, Muntean/Rosenblum, Atelier Lachaert Dhanis, Daniel Kruger, Rudolf Bott, Gregory Forstner, Michael Sailstorfer. Each artist explores this theme in their own way figuratively, or thematically.

Karl Fritsch’s signature jewelry is an ironic and joyful answer to glamour. And so he has the boldness to drill a hole into a 5-carat black diamond and fix it with an old, bent nail on a yellow gold ring. The painting by Matias Sanchez features a pouch in the centre of the painting as the target of all the characters‘ desire – assumed to be diamonds, but one will only find out when looking into the bag themselves. Atelier Lachaert Dhanis is known for their objects, furniture and installations on the boundaries between craft, design and fine art. Exquisitely made to perfection, the objects are always conceptually intricate with multiple levels of meaning and interpretation. Their ladder and stools with color stains and precious stones are playful trompe l’oeils of everyday items and precious objects. Similarly, Rudolf Bott’s crystal vessels glisten and shine as these very common, everyday objects are elevated by adding these somewhat impractically glamorous and beautiful materials to the pieces. 

The glistens of a clear, white diamond is incomparable and glamorous. Michael Sailstorfer’s installation „und sie bewegt sich doch“ is a beguiling disco model of our solar system. Mirror balls as planets, the moon rotating around the earth, the earth rotating around a strong spotlight elicit humor and ironic charisma. The work also projects a glittery atmosphere to the exhibition space. 

Abstractly, drawings by Muntean/Rosenblum titled „Memories are better than diamonds“ weighs the importance between material value and experiential value. Often these tender moments in time, that are so hard to remember, are the most precious. Similarly, Daniel Kruger’s bowl of rocks made of porcelain conceptually questions what is indeed valuable. The material itself is delicate and elegant, but the „bowl of rocks“motif is not so much. Is it still considered luxurious?

From the other end in the „dust“ side, it is usually something considered undesirable, usually to be wafted off in favour of a shiny „clean“ surface. With this we feature Gregory Forstner’s drawings from his latest series titled “Flowers for the bold”. These drawings while in modest ‚charcoal dust‘, are exquisite and breathtaking. The lightness in the strokes reflecting the liveliness of flowers and the translucent vase. They are ephemeral and a permanent reminder at the same time.

Exhibition On Until July 30, 2021
Artcurial Germany, Munich

Diamonds & Dust at Artcurial Germany Rings by Karl Fritsch and painting by Matias Sanchez at Diamonds & Dust at Artcurial Germany
Diamonds & Dust at Artcurial Germany Daniel Kruger porcelain works at Diamonds & Dust at Artcurial Germany
Diamonds & Dust at Artcurial Germany Installation by Michael Sailstorfer and painting by Matias Sanchez at Diamonds & Dust at Artcurial Germany
Diamonds & Dust at Artcurial Germany Drawing by Gregory Forstner at Diamonds & Dust at Artcurial Germany
Diamonds & Dust at Artcurial Germany Sculptures by Atelier Lachert Dhanis and drawings by Muntean/Rosenblum at Diamonds & Dust at Artcurial Germany

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