Farm To Table: Summer Pea Pasta

Summer is here in full swing! We have had such a busy year despite all the ups and downs in 2021, it’s hard to believe we’re in August already. As you know the gallery is located in the country side of Waldkirchen, Germany. So on any given day and season, it is beautiful but the summers are absolutely amazing – our gardens and hills are so lush with endless green surrounding us. A real tonic for the eyes and soul. With the pandemic, we’ve received less guests to stay in our guest apartments, but doesn’t mean we’re not still living our best countryside life!

Views from Petersberg Apartments/Galerie Zink

Since our nature gives so much to us, we also try our best to honour this gift by reducing waste and carbon footprint. One of these ways is our community garden. We plant fruits and vegetables there so that we and our guests can have fresh, in season produce when we want. In the past, we’ve made schnapps with the excess fruit, which you can see here when Jana Gunstheimer visited us

Home Schnapps Brewing Set up at Petersberg Apartments/Galerie Zink Home Schnapps Brewing Set up at Petersberg Apartments/Galerie Zink

To be honest, it is such a regular event for us that we don’t even really notice or celebrate how uniquely special it is anymore! But we managed to get organised to capture our process of harvesting peas and turning it into a delicious meal in our kitchen. Without further ado – let’s get into it.

Pea Patch Behind The Gallery

Nothing wasted! We eat the pea flowers too

Fresh Summer Pasta straight from the gardens of Petersberg Apartments

As you see we waste nothing – the shells, the flowers, the peas. They’re all gifts from our garden and fully organic so we really make good use of it all. This kind of lifestyle ensures we eat freshly all the time, in alignment with the seasons, and reducing the carbon footprint of food delivered all over the world just to end up on our plate. Sustainability is a big part of Galerie Zink’s ethos, and we hope this inspires you to look into your life to see where you can do your small part!

We’re dedicated to our artists and the art we exhibit, but for us that is not the complete picture of a life well lived. It is far more important to savour the day to day life, including the food and drink going into our bodies, the nature we surround ourselves with, the conversations we have with our friends. We hope to see you soon at the gallery and Petersberg Apartments!

To book, it’s available through airbnb and our website.

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