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German Stegmaier’s New Exhibition and Book

German Stegmaier’s current exhibition is complemented by a book we’re publishing „Variations“, featuring an essay by Toshiharu Suzuki. An excerpt that captures the essence of German’s works below:

 In his works, colors may be far from lively, yet they possess a sense of life. This is because for him color is a structure. In this respect, the presence of gray interspersed with vivid colors is also crucial. In his painting, gray tones, which range from bluish to almost white, also function to virtually bind the other hues. Here gray—haiiro or ash-color in Japanese—is not a “nothing” color, or one that “says nothing,” but more something in the sense of Marcel Duchamp’s beloved “gray matter,” (but without his denial of color as a mere retinal manifestation). As a locus to bring together our sense of color with our intellect and imagination, and with our sight and hearing, gray is a necessary and oft-repeated element in Stegmaier’s drawing.

This beautiful book features 52 gouaches arranged in pairs, each 38 x 28.5 cm on Arches paper, created as a group in 2019. These works resemble forms of an equation with multiple variables. They deal with repetition and deviation, symmetry, imprints, folding, superimposing, color oscillations, remembering, vanishing and much more.

German Stegmaier "Variations"German Stegmaier "Variations"German Stegmaier "Variations"German Stegmaier "Variations"German Stegmaier "Variations"

As the gallery’s longest working relationship, we are so happy to keep building our collaboration. After spending time at our artist residency (read about it here) late last year, we put on „Bruchteile“ that has been very well received (read about it here). The accompanying book is the culmination of this exhibition’s long preparation and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

For available works, click here to take a look

On June 26th, 2021, we will have a small reception to launch the books. The artist will be present, so we hope to see you there if you are in the area! We feel grateful to be able to host this event after all this time, and to have a safe gathering with our friends.

About The Artist

German Stegmaier was born in 1959 in Muehldorf/Inn. After studying mathematics and philosophy of science for a year in 1977 at University of Munich, he enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich from 1980-86. He then studied at Rijksakademie Amsterdam until 1990. Having been in the gallery roster since 1994, the artist is one of the first ones to join Galerie Zink. He currently lives and works in Munich, Germany.

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