Jana Gunstheimer Artist Residency (PART 2)

In January, Jana Gunstheimer spent a few weeks here at the gallery. Deep in winter, the whole area was cloaked in snow and she had an incredibly productive time in the studio. Actually fun fact, she was stranded in her car on the way over because the snow was that intense and we had to go and get her. The completed works are now displayed in the studio she was working in. We’ve documented her time here in a part 1 of this series, click the link here. It includes a lot of great work in progress photos, as well as the fun we have at the gallery, so definitely check it out.

The artist worked on a new series of textiles work inspired by the stark, snowy landscape of January. Titled ‚Reaktionäre Heimarbeit‘, the series includes a series of works that Gunstheimer meticulously painted and weaved together. Blending both painting and textiles craft, the monochrome works have a strong graphic aesthetic. As lines criss cross over each other, some central figures float against the pixelated background. The precision of the text, lines, and shapes make them almost seem like digital animation. And yet that could not be further away from the truth: which is that the artist hand paints strips of canvas and weaves them back together for this effect. The human touch is all over the works.

For more details on each of the works, go to our viewing room here

Jana Gunstheimer artist studio Galerie Zink Jana Gunstheimer studio Galerie Zink
Jana Gunstheimer Good Taste 2021 Jana Gunstheimer
Good Taste, 2021
(Reaktionäre Heimarbeit)
acrylic and varnish on canvas, tape
six parts: 140 × 150 cm (55 ⅛ × 59 inches)
Jana Gunstheimer Reaktionäre Heimarbeit 2021 Jana Gunstheimer
Reaktionäre Heimarbeit, 2021
(Reaktionäre Heimarbeit)
acrylic and varnish on canvas
188 × 158 cm (74 × 62 ¼ inches)


Detail of a work by Jana Gunstheimer from "Reaktionäre Heimarbeit" Detail of a work by Jana Gunstheimer from „Reaktionäre Heimarbeit“
Jana Gunstheimer working on "Reaktionäre Heimarbeit" Jana Gunstheimer working on „Reaktionäre Heimarbeit“

About The Artist

Jana Gunstheimer was born in 1974 in Zwickau, Germany. A deeply thoughtful and intellectual individual, the artist had originally studied ethnology. Field research methods trained in that period are often used in her artistic work. Beyond her detailed drawings, complex textile works, thought provoking installations, she also founded the „Institute for Iregional Reality Experients“ at the Bauhaus University, Weimar (IRRE@bauhaus). Through her oeuvre, the artist weaves together reality and fiction, creating possible truths and absurd situations. Each of her projects are subtly ironic. As she presents her narraitves, researches, and analyses, the knowing audience is simultaneously provoked and amused. The artist currently lives and works in Germany.

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