Studio Visit With Ceramics Artist Johannes Nagel

A studio visit is always a joy as it provides such an insight into the artist’s thought process. It creates a much more complex appreciation of the final art work. The way each studio has its own system of organised chaos is almost like entering the sacred space of an artist’s brain. So we are pleased to be able to bring our audience to them, especially during these times of limited travel. Today we start with the studio of Johannes Nagel, renowned contemporary ceramic artist.

Johannes Nagel is known for his conceptual approach and methods towards his craft, and his spontaneous handling of the material. He has a unique method of creating vessels with moulds excavated in sand, and the resulting shapes continuously question the concept of „vessels“ being objects of utility. As it all sounds a bit abstract, we thought why not show you his methods. We were fortunate enough to visit the artist as he created one of the pieces included in his current exhibition at Cordonhaus Städt Galerie Museum, Cham, Germany. Enjoy this studio visit below!

The Making Of: Johannes Nagel Blue Note (2020)

Johannes Nagel studio



Johannes Nagel studio

Johannes Nagel work in progress

Johannes Nagel excavating

Johannes Nagel pouring

Johannes Nagel ceramics in sand moulds

Johannes Nagel in the studio

Johannes Nagel Blue Note

Johannes Nagel, Blue note, 2020, porcelain 64 × 60 × 50 cm (25 ¼ × 23 ⅝ × 19 ⅝ inches)

Recent exhibition with Sky Glabush

The joint exhibition, titled „True Blue“ with two Galerie Zink artists, Johannes Nagel and Sky Glabush, opened on September 5th at Cordonhaus, Cham. Two artists from different continents, working in very different media. By putting the artists‘ works together, their similarities and differences are highlighted to create a fascinating discourse. Both artists allow the process of creating their works to be somewhat improvisational, resulting in works that emerge as a conversation between materials, colours, textures, composition.

True Blue in Cham, Germany

Johannes Nagel’s „Blue Note“ (2020) against Sky Glabush’s „Deadhead“ (2018)

Click here for more works from „True Blue“ featuring Sky Glabush and Johannes Nagel. The exhibition is open now, and will go until October 25. Get in touch to find out more!

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