The Galerie Zink Sculpture Park

Art as an experience is something that underlines all of our work here in Galerie Zink. We create a complete experience and environment beyond just a white cube gallery space, with our guest apartment, artist residency, and most recently, a sculpture park in the making!

We didn’t begin with the intention to make a full sculpture park, but it developed organically as our artists get inspired by our space. The beautiful landscape, the notable history, the architecture of our buildings, are all sources of inspiration. Below we will cover a few pieces around our gallery, for you to discover

Michael Sailstorfer Mask series

One of the first pieces we installed was Michael Sailstorfer’s gold leaf covered mask on the facade of our gallery building. Inspired by the gold Madonna sculpture across from the entrance to our gallery, Sailstorfer created a piece in his signature abstract mask style to echo the shimmering precious metal. The location of the piece and the eye catching gold meant it was the first thing visitors saw, setting the tone for the rest of the journey through Galerie Zink. We hope the piece will spark our visitor’s curiosity, to find out more about our artists and our gallery!

Waldkirchen in the snow

Rudolf Bott bench

A recent addition to the sculptures is Rudolf Bott’s wooden bench, though not your average bench! Our gallery is located directly behind the village church, a major landmark in the village we are set in. But for such a major gathering point, there is no real community space. So Bott decided to create this oversized bench for people to meet. The idea was that people could meet before Sunday Service, or rest after their hike. Its almost absurd size allows it to also double as a table, and adds an air of whimsy. Even a very tall person would dangle their legs when sitting on it, as if they are Alice in Wonderland having eaten the shrinking cake. There is a childlike enjoyment on this bench. As it is intended to be activated, on your next visit please climb on it and take a seat!

Jo Schöpfer Abstract Sculpture

Jo Schöpfer’s piece has (in my opinion) the best spot in our whole garden. I recommend taking a look at it during sunset, as it forms a stunning backdrop, with the metal structure framing the trees and mountains. The sculpture is one of Schöpfer’s signature shapes, and stands in stark contrast to the nature surrounding it. The man-made metal frame doesn’t belong in the lush scenery, challenging and intriguing the viewer. Let us know what you think!

Dirk Zoete masks

Looking up to the right, are a few inconspicuous Dirk Zoete masks on the side of the building, peeking through the tree. The silver cast aluminium masks stand out against the dark wood facade of our gallery building, much like the gold mask of Sailstorfer. How do you think the works by Zoete and Sailstorfer differ? They appear fairly similar upon the first glance, but have wildly different energies. Would love to hear what our visitors think of them!

I wanted to refrain from imbuing too much of my own thoughts in my introduction as the purpose was to encourage a conversation from our visitors. It is always good to hear what you all think when you discover them by chance. We like to strike a balance between intentional and natural, to create a dialogue.

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