Tom Callemin Produces New Photography Book: „Orbit“

We are so happy to announce that Tom Callemin is publishing a limited edition book of photography, titled Orbit. The book has been in the works for some time now, and includes photographs by the artist over the last four years. During this time the young photographer has been creating individual projects that are now being brought together on one platform.

While each series was developed as stand alone, a common thread eventually emerged as the artist produced the book. It is self-published with Des Palais, a publishing platform started by Bieke Depoorter alongside the artist, to be officially available on December 21st, 2020.

This book is a beautiful collection of Tom’s transcendent and theatrical photography, each of them so enigmatic. Every image is a result of the artist’s meticulous staging, and countless takes of the same shot. The production of the book was no different, with the artist directing every detail.

The name Orbit refers to the principal theme in the book which is „time“ and the idea of things reoccurring within time. A foundational concept for his works is to explore how a camera can make something visible within the layers of time. Some images explicitly refer to „orbits“ by portraying the moon or the sun on their path, which is humans‘ way to measure the passage of time. Some merely capture the flash of moments that are hard to catch with the naked eye. By using the camera to eternalise something ephemeral, the photographer is able to manipulate time in some ways. How do we hold onto things before they disappear? A method chosen by the artist is by repeatedly re-enacting of the same image over a period of time. Time is passing, but is it really? It always comes back, as history repeats itself.

Photography proofs for the book

Tom Callemin photography book Orbit

Sneak peek of Tom Callemin’s Orbit

Tom Callemin photography book Orbit Tom Callemin photography book Orbit Tom Callemin photography book Orbit Tom Callemin photography book Orbit


25 x 30 cm, Hardcover
Concept: Lara Kinds, Bieke Depoorter & Tom Callemin
Graphic design: Lara Kinds
Text editing: Catie Young
Edition of 600
ISBN 9789464202618
December 2020

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About Tom Callemin

Born in 1991 in Oostende, Belgium, Tom Callemin is a young photographer currently living and working in Ghent, Belgium, where he received his MA in Photography and Fine Arts in 2014 and 2015. A deeply conceptual artist, Callemin’s oeuvre explores intangible ideas such as time passage or even photography itself. They dissect the roles of the subject, the photographer, and the viewer. Each work is the result of the artist’s meticulous planning, creating an enigmatic narrative suspended in time and space. While each project stands individually, they all come together in an upcoming monograph Orbit. Callemin is currently a researcher at Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent. 

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